Welcome to the Saito Hotel in Kakeyu Hot Springs,
nestled in the green mountains of Nagano

Surrounded by beautiful forested mountains in the heart of Nagano, rejuvenate yourself at the Saito Hotel in historic Kakeyu Hot Springs, with its blend of 1,200-year-old traditional hot spring therapy and modern facilities.

Welcome to the Saito Hotel!

The Kakeyu Hot Springs have 1,200 years of history. According to a local tale, a Buddha took the form of a deer and showed a local hunter the hot springs (the Chinese characters ‘鹿教湯’ for ‘Kakeyu’ mean ‘deer, teach, hot-water’). Take a refreshing stroll on popular paths that take you on a tour of the beautiful harmony of traditional Japanese architecture and the surrounding nature.
The Saito Hotel takes special pride in our buffet-style dining, rooms with uninterrupted views of the countryside, our open-air baths, and the Mori no Naka pool, which is sure to rejuvenate you. You can feel Nature’s breath as you are warmed to the core in our gentle hot springs.